1. It’s about who you know not what you know. Rage Post

    Raging and pissed off. This is a prime example, it doesn’t matter what kind of experience you have or how smart you are, you will not get the job if you don’t know people in the right places. if you are all wondering what I’m talking about right now, i just got beat out of a head coaching job at the high school i’ve trying to coach for for the past two years. the kid who beat me out (and i really mean kid, 19 yrs old) is still in college, has only actually coached 1 year and has been playing for only 6 years. meanwhile i have actually coached for 7 years, coached every single kid on the current high school team and was an assistant coach for that team 2 years ago. played 15 years and dIII college ball. also given the fact none of the players want him to coach and they hate him, they beg me to coach yet the school will not hire me, plus the fact the booster club and the parents association have all recommended and ask for me and still yet they will not hire meĀ 

    i am clearly the better pick but since i dont suck the chode of the one who hires. FUCK

  7. Look what just came in the mail